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Break out of your boundaries, because there is no life in the “Comfort zone”

23 Jul

Make it a daily goal to push the boundaries of your comfort.

Never give in. Never, never, never, never! – Winston Churchill Did I say never? Never!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Tougher the job, greater the reward.

A study at Winston-Salem State University found that “people who engage in a variety of experiences are more likely to retain positive emotions and minimize negative ones than people who have fewer experiences.” It goes on to talk about the importance of trying new experiences to keep up the variety.  Even something small within something else you like will get you started. You don’t have to go skydiving tomorrow. I mean within reason but outside of your “comfort zone”.

Make it a daily goal to push the boundaries of your comfort. That is right, every day! Take up something you were afraid to try. Maybe it’s an instrument, a craft, a relationship. Read a different genre of book, strike up a conversation with someone outside your usual circles, cook a meal that is totally divergent from your average fare. I think you’ll find it interesting and quite thrilling. With that note, I would like to wrap up by saying this – forget me if heeding this advice doesn’t go well, but take me out for a coffee if you hit a jackpot!

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Focus on your dream and you will live it

10 Jul

Have you heard of a 92 year old poet whose book hit the best seller’s list?
Until recently no one has heard of Toyo. Shibata.

At age 92, Toyo was forced to retire from her long time hobby of Japanese dancing due to her age. Her son however encouraged her to continue her art career but in ways that would be easier on her body. So for the first time in her life she began writing poetry and then managed to get it published in a newspaper.
“When my first poem was published in a newspaper, I was very, very happy,” she said. “I sent them another one and that also got published. So I kept on writing.”
Then when a large number were written, she simply published it herself. Through her writing she wishes to impart to all: “Everyone is equally free to dream.”
Now the 100 year old poetess writes about what she knows and is close to her heart: her husband, family and friends.

Toyo Shibata’s self-published book, Don’t Lose Heart, sold over 1.5m copies in a market where 10,000 are seen as a success. Toyo Shibata only started writing when she was 92; now, as she celebrated her 100th birthday, her poems have created an enthusiastic audience in Japan. Self-published book with 42 of her poems such as “Don’t Lose Heart” or “Don’t Be Too Frustrated” is proving to be quite an attraction to the Japanese public who are tired of two decades of recession and are thirsting for hope, wisdom and vision.

Dare to dream. And if you are going to dream why not have a big one? My ideal to live healthy and strong a few days before my 100th birthday then die in my sleep. Until then I will charge on without being mindful of my age.  Focus on your dream and you will live it.

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